"Foster’s direction moves at a fast clip, which helps to sell the comedy. He’s also devised some wonderful comic set pieces, including a rather ingenious staging of a locked-room scene. And he uses some cinematic-style scene transitions that make the most of Anna Luizos’ lavish set design, which recreates all nine of the board game’s rooms with wit and panach... it’s got a dizzy, stimulating joy that makes it a whole lot of fun. It’s a game that’s definitely worth playing."

Boston Globe:
"Hunter Foster delivers this gem... His "Cabaret" incorporates elements from recent Broadway revivals as well as the 1972 film (which added the great songs "Maybe This Time" and "Mein Herr"), giving his version the perfect balance of timely and timeless."

Cape Cod Times:
"This production, under the bold leadership of director Hunter Foster... is not timid in its approach toward displaying the atmospheric depravity of the Kit Kat Klub and the prejudice associated with the Nazi movement."

The Barnstable Patriot:
"The Cape Playhouse production never disappoints as it brings this multi-layered show to the Dennis stage. Impeccably directed by Hunter Foster, it thrives on contradictions, sexual politics and nuance."

"Hunter Foster seems to have taken the hint from his success directing last year's sold out production of My Fair Lady on The Playhouse stage, returning this summer to produce this exquisite production of Cabaret that is rich in everything from visual beauty to talent."

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
New Hope Free Press:
"Is Hunter Foster really Rumpelstiltskin? It seems so ó he has turned straw into gold... I have never seen nor heard of a great production for this particular theatrical vehicle... But I did have one hope, and that was in Hunter Foster, for whom I have great respect as a director. Well, that respect has grown in leaps and bounds. "

"Directed by Broadway veteran Hunter Foster and choreographed by his wife Jennifer Cody (both of which appeared in the 1994 Broadway revival), the entire staging feels energetic from start to finish, just like a Broadway production!"

The Wall Street Journal:
"Stephen Sondheim's "Company" was staged for Pennsylvania's Bucks County Playhouse by Hunter Foster, who scrubbed away the '70s nostalgia and instead gave us a modern-dress-and-cellphones version full of surprises, the best of which was Justin Guarini's beautifully sung performance as Bobby."

The Wall Street Journal:
"I'm thrilled to report that Bucks County Playhouse's new production, directed by Hunter Foster, choreographed by Lorin Lotarro and starring Justin outstanding in every way...That so fine a revival of so complex a musical should have been out together on so tight a schedule, however, borders on the miraculous. If all it's present-day shows are as strong as 'Company,' then the Bucks County Playhouse is surely headed back into the spotlight."

Philadelphia CityPaper:
"I give a lot of credit to director Hunter Foster (himself an accomplished musical theatre performer). It's a production filled with ideas – what's remarkable is how much of show – especially the acting – is nuanced and full of inner life. Listening to Company, I'm always dazzled by Sondheim's lyrics – but here, I also really noticed how specifically they reflect character and situation...I think you'll be very impressed with what the Bucks County Playhouse has pulled off."

National Pasttime
New Hope Free Press:
"It is a becoming a truism that a show directed by Hunter Foster will not be just a good, solid show, but a great show. This is again true in National Pastime."

The Rocky Horror Show
The Morning Call:
"In Bucks County Playhouse production, Tony Award-nominee Hunter Foster has definitely put his own stamp on the musical...Everything you might want in 'Rocky Horror'"

Ain't Misbehavin'
"Bucks County Playhouse's production of AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' under the direction of Hunter Foster is dazzling and lively. The entire cast of this show are adept a bringing their characters to life, and they each have an individual personality that they portray in the show. "

"Hunter Foster, directing the show for New Hope's Bucks County Playhouse, takes a fresh look at Maltby and Horwitz's piece. With the exciting assistance of choreographer Lorin Latarro, he rethinks Maltby's original staging by adding two dancers to the standard ensemble of five, setting the entire show in an old-time bar where the added dancers double as waiters and bartenders, and creating new comic bits to give his nuclear cast characters and attitudes that are different from Maltby's, although in the same spirit."

My Fair Lady
Boston Globe:
"Hunter Foster's remount, at the venerable Cape Playhouse (est. 1927), is utterly faithful and yet utterly fresh. Maybe I was too clueless in my own youth to perceive the feminist/socialist underpinnings of this perennial crowd-pleaser, but here they're brought to the fore, lightly clad in hummable tunes and energetic dance."

It's a Wonderful Life
"Hunter Foster directs. He's become a regular at the Playhouse, and he and the cast play it smart by having the actors play these parts without having Mr. Wilcox trying to imitate Jimmy Stewart, or Ms. Bashor trying to act like Donna Reed. That lends an authenticity to the story, even as we're watching it unfold in a setting that makes it clear the story is being acted out."

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